Norplast Packing

Norplastics was founded in 1992. Each sector has been the only company from the experience gained on the packaging. Developing and accelerating our investments in recent years, our company provides services in the area of 2000 square meters.It continues its latest technology machinery operations.


Experience & Expertise

Since 1992 vision with confidence and trust confidently in the direction we are moving in missions and professionalism.

We Serve All Sectors

Textiles, Cosmetics, Tourism, Cleaning, Medical, Automotive, Food, Landscape, we serve as a sector.

3.000 Tons Production

From 1992 to today, the first year that our capacity is 800 Kilogram with you this day serves as 9.000 Kilogram.

Nature Contribution

Ensuring the recycling of packaging waste in our old facility to be reused as raw material gain.


Ensuring customer satisfaction and achieve production without sacrificing quality, to meet the new market with new products and the added value we provide to ensure that the country's economy continues to steadily increase.


Our experience is that we have become a company that leads the industry and packaging said to be the first brand that comes to mind.